Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Freshen up for Spring

Let Spring In!

Spring has arrived! Open the windows, take a deep breath and let Spring enter your life! Ahhh, finally.

De-clutter your house, lighten up your color scheme and attitude and prepare to make the most of the warmer months to come.

I like to think of things I can to do make the mental shift from lethargic hibernation to rejuvenation. For me, Spring is about new life, a bright attitude and a fresh perspective. Now that the grass is green and transformation is all around us in nature, try to think of ways to transform your life. Maybe it's as simple as giving an old piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint, putting a vase of bright yellow tulips on your kitchen table or signing up for golf lessons...small changes can make a big impact on the way you feel about your life.

This Spring, why not...

Paint your front door a bold, bright color.
Cobalt blue, poppy red or goldenrod are all vivid and unexpected choices that welcome guests to your home.
Grow your own herb garden.
Put rosemary, thyme, dill, sage and parsley in pots in your kitchen or plant them in your backyard. Use for fresh and flavorful cooking.

Invest in a versatile and bright trench coat to wear during April showers.

Style & Co. $25.98 at JCPenney

Make an Easter basket for someone you love or create a beautiful egg for yourself!
Glass blown eggs like the one below make a unique piece of art year-round and can be made in classes offered by local art institutes.