Sunday, February 21, 2010

Energize Your Living Room

Nate Berkus, decorating guru, gave tips on ways to Energize Your Living Room in USA Weekend. We all need a pick-me-up this time of year!
Here are his top tips on making changes...

Hide The TV.

“I understand. I take in my fair share of prime time. But you want this space to be a place to sit and chat and hang out, even when the TV is off. If possible, put the TV in something so you can close the doors. And, by that, I don’t mean you have to have one of those huge entertainment centers. I’ve found beautiful antique armoires — check garage sales, vintage stores and flea markets — and altered them so a TV could sit inside [they work with flat-screen as well as older TVs].”

Rearrange The Accessories.

“You find something — a candlestick, a vase, a bowl, anything — you bring it home and put it out in your house. Five years later, that item is still sitting in the same spot! By just rearranging your tabletops, you give an entirely new look to your room. Start by taking everything off the surfaces and putting it all on one table. Then, start put?ting it back in new ways. When you group the items differently, the entire room takes on a new energy.”

Swap Out Furniture.

“Just moving the sofa to another wall and repositioning the chairs can make a room look entirely different. Try placing a bench, two stools or two chairs across from the sofa. This allows people to sit opposite you when visiting so you don’t all have to cram onto the sofa. It makes a world of difference in this space.

“But don’t stop there. Swap out end tables with ones from a different room. Go room to room and really look at each piece you have and think about where it might work better. Your furniture will suddenly feel new again.”

Divvy Up The Chores.

“When your home is in order, you are in order. I think you just breathe easi?er in a home that is chaos-free. So enlist the help of your family. Make a chore list and divvy it up. Don’t neglect the lampshades. They tend to get dusty and make the whole room look a bit tired. If you each take a room, you’ll have the place cleaned up in no time, and you’ll feel 100 times better about how your interior looks.”

Put Lights On Dimmers.

“This will allow you to soften the lights and the space in the living room. While you’re at it, change your lampshades. Going from white to soft natural linen can make the room look tailored.

“Also, add candles. Everyone looks better — not to mention younger — by candlelight. I just added flameless candles to my home, and they’re on a timer. It’s a great way to return home.”