Saturday, June 21, 2008

Must-Have Monogrammed Mementos

I am giving my secret away! I love monogrammed gifts for every baby, wedding, new house, Christmas, birthday or thank you. A few of my favorite gifts...
1. Ballard Basic Pillow from
The key to this gift is ordering the COVER only.  (Twill covers are $12.  Velvet covers are $15.95.)  Monogramming is FREE with the purchase of pillow cover. 
Then go to your local craft/fabric store and buy an affordable (about $4-5) 18" square pillowform to insert inside the cover. 
Tie a beautiful bow around the pillow & wow your family & friends!

2. Ballard Tote Bags from
This bag comes in Petite, Medium & Large.  The price ranges from $19.95-$25.95.  Again, Monogramming is FREE!  

This is a great gift for a Glamorous Girlfriend, Aunt, Mom, Mother-in-Law, Teacher, Babysitter or Hair Stylist.  It comes in Lime Green, Navy, Aqua, White, Pink, Sand, Brown, Black or Red with either Cream or Brown Monogram thread.  

When buying one for a gift...don't forget to order one for yourself!  This bag will make your closet look extremely chic!

3. L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag  from

This is my mom's signature gift!  This bag comes in MANY colors and sizes.  You can buy it with an open top or zip-top.  (I prefer the zip-top.)  The prices are anywhere from $17-$37.  Monogramming is only $6.00!
A GREAT gift for men, women, college students, athletes...basically ANYONE!  My mom got one for each of my brothers and me for Christmas one year.  It is always fun to get together as a family & see all of our matching bags.  

  • Go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls & find a fabulous throw pillow, some luxurious linens or fluffy towels, then head to a local embroidery shop & have them monogram your item for a small fee.  (Anywhere between $5-25 dollars per item.)  

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