Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Another Stylish Jewelry Storage Solution

I found this beautiful little birbath at Michael's craft store on Monday. It was only $5.09 + tax. It looks adorable on the counter in my bathroom. Even my husband likes it. (If his watch or ring end up in it...I will have to smile.)

Always be on the lookout for items that you like that you can re-purpose in your home. Think outside the box.

Buy things you like & that make you smile.

That is the one piece of shopping advice from my mom that I always think of before I buy, "Does this make me smile??"

Well, this birdbath is still making me smile!


Phil and Kathy Troyer said...

I am excited that you are coming to "re-purpose" a lot of our house! Counting the days!

jenifer said...

Wow, it's so cute.... your jewelry is safe now.