Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dash

My girlfriends have a great sense of style, quirky senses of humor and are extremely creative but, what I love best about them are their souls. They are kind, loving, gracious and purposeful in the way the live. They value people but, appreciate beautiful things.
In these unstable economic times, I am reminded that things of this world can not define us. They come and go so quickly. But who we are, can leave a legacy.
I am not a fan of forwards but I got one the other day that was very thought provoking. I wanted to share it because it encouraged me to be more intentional in the way I live. I hope that you take as much away from it as I did.

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Phil and Kathy Troyer said...

Aimee, this is especially poignant since my friend lost her husband this week. Thank you, dear friend. A powerful reminder to all of us.

Have a great race on Sunday!