Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lovely Letter Project

This is a simple project that ANY glamorous (or not-so-glamorous) girl can do.  It is easy & will be impressive.  

1.  Buy a frame at a flea market or garage sale or reuse one from your home.  (This one is recycled from a previous project.)  Sand the edges if you want a shabby chic look. 

2. Buy several different types of paper from a craft or fancy paper store.  

3.  On your computer, print off a large letter in the font of your choice. Use the letter as a pattern for what will be "center stage" in your finished product.  

4.  Cut the largest piece to fit in the frame.  

5.  Cut another piece that is about 1 1/2-2 inches smaller around each edge.  Glue on top of the largest piece of paper.  

6.  Take your final piece of paper & trace the letter that you printed off of your computer.  Glue this to the other two pieces of paper. 

7.  Insert into frame and you are ready to hang your masterpiece!  

This can be hung as a single work of art OR you repeat the project to spell initials, or a name completely, and make a series.   It would look smashing in your own home and it would be a thoughtful gift for a loved one.   

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