Friday, July 11, 2008

Gorgeous "Green" Grocery Bags

Shopping for groceries is either something you love or hate.  Personally, I love to grocery shop.  Especially when I find a good, organic, healthy, pretty place to do so.  Sprouts (found only in California, Arizona, Colorado & Texas) is my newest love.  It is similar to Whole Foods or (for those of you in the Northeast...) Wegmans.  
It is such a treat to walk around the produce section, choosing fresh herbs, crisp vegetables and ripe fruit.  My favorite aisle might be the dairy...milk, heavy cream, gourmet coffee creamer...yum.  I love to see what fancy cheese or pasta I can purchase.  I feel inspired to come home & try something new.  

Maybe I am crazy, but it feels good to walk out of the store with my food in reusable shopping bags, rather than a cart full of plastic bags.  Even my husband commented how nice our food seems coming out of those bags.  Silly how the small things in life can make such a difference in the quality of our homes and our life experience.  
Now, almost every grocery store that you go to offers reusable shopping bags at a low cost.  (Sprouts charges $.99 a bag.)  I have a few bags from Sprouts, but I was thinking that I need a cuter one, so I went online to check things out.  I found some great bags:  

These bags are all from   They are called Happybags and are made of durable upholstery weight cotton in the USA.  They are "available in colorful patters and prints sure to turn heads."  Order 1 for $19.95 or order 2 for $18.95/each.  


Phil & Kathy said...

I ordered 6 of the Dottie bags today. 3 for my BSU girlfriends and 3 for my grocery shopping! Great idea!

Kelly said...


Ryan and I said...

i ordered one dottie bag the other day and another one from the kids section for my daughter I can't wait to get them in !