Monday, July 14, 2008

Must Have Magazine

Finding my InStyle Magazine in my mailbox is one of the highlights of my month!! The August 2008 issue showed up at my house on Friday. I seriously skipped into my house holding it in my arms.
There are many great articles this month. 

There is a spot on Issac Mizrahi, if any of you shop at Target, you know who I am talking about. He give his Best Shopping Tip--
 "No matter what you are buying, don't bring your man." 
(InStyle, August 2008, p. 241)

Also, check out the DEALS & STEALS article.  InStyle gives affordable finds that "real" people can afford from places like Target, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, Simply Vera Vera Wang from Kohl's, Club Monaco, Chinese Laundry, etc. 

This bag can be purchase Target for $40. (in stores or online.)
It is Faux-python "Hobo" bag.  

Or you can spend $1550 and by this Prada Python "Hobo" bag.

Check out magazines.  Look for things that you like, then see if you can find a store, in your price range, that sells a similar look.  OR, better yet, go to your closet & use the items you ALREADY have to put a NEW look together.  
Looking great & trendy doesn't have to cost a lot.  
Visit stores like H&M, Charlotte Russe, Target, Kohl's, Macy's and buy "trendy" pieces for low prices.  
Only spend money on classic items that won't be out of style in a week.  

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