Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth!

Here are a few tips to make your holiday celebration come off with a bang:


cocktail rings from around $30.00 to $500.00 on

Decorate a table EXPLODING in style and color

April Cornell table linens

Mirrored star candle holders

Declare your independence

Take a road trip and travel somewhere new to celebrate the nation's birthday and explore our unique country!

Boston: Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular with Rascal Flatts

Chicago: Lake Michigan, Navy Pier

NYC: Macy's Fireworks, Statue of Liberty

Washington D.C.: Constitution Avenue, National Mall

Ahhh, America...

10 Great Places to Sample Quirky Americana on

(a few of the 10 listed below)

National Museum of Funeral History Houston
"From icebox caskets, which kept the body fresh in pre-embalming days, to an all-glass casket or the coffin built for three, this museum is a fascinating look at the history of burial customs, including mourning attire, jewelry made from the hair of the deceased and funerals of the rich and famous." 281-876-3063;

Dog Chapel St. Johnsbury, Vt.
"It's non-denominational here — any breed is welcome. Situated on Dog Mountain, the chapel is open to dogs and people of any belief system. Built by dog artist Stephen Huneck, visitors notice the Labrador with wings on the steeple and the stained-glass windows portraying dogs eating ice cream. Visitors often leave photos of beloved pals now in pet heaven." 802-748-2700;

Corn PalaceMitchell, S.D. (Believe it or not, I've actually been here!)
"Built in 1892 to prove how rich the soil is in the region, the world's only corn palace has been drawing visitors for 100 years. Shaped like a castle topped with minarets, the palace is 'upholstered' on the exterior with corn, grain and grass — 3,000 bushels' worth." 866-273-2676;

Gum Wall at Market Theatre Seattle
"Theater guests waiting in line for weekend improv performances artfully stick their gum to the wall outside the theater." The gummy creation "now reaches up to 15 feet high in an ever-spreading mass as people stick pennies into it, sculpt images and words and leave wads of happy faces." 206-587-2414;

Town of MuralsLake Placid, Fla.
Sponsored by the Lake Placid Mural Society, "several dozen large-scale scenes, most depicting the region's historic events, are painted around town on the sides of buildings, concrete abutments, even trash cans. Some murals feature motion-activated sound effects." 863-531-0211;

Vollis Simpson's Whirligig Farm Between Wilson and Lucama, N.C
"Experience a riot of color and motion as these massive metal contraptions — made of old jangling metal, pie pans, ice-cream scoops, old signs and bicycle wheels — whirl in the wind. Created by 84-year-old Vollis Simpson, some of the sculptures are five to six stories high, looming over the field in which he has installed them." 800-497-7398;

Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast Farmington, N.M.
"Located 70 feet below the surface, visitors reach this subterranean B&B by way of a sandstone path, steps carved in the rock and a short ladder. The 1,600-square-foot cave is completely furnished with plumbing, electricity, a waterfall shower and flagstone hot tub." 505-326-2461;


Brent and Lindsey Stevenson said...

I love the new blog and have added you as a favorite! Thanks, and hope all is well!

Bob and LouAnne said...

I love your blog too!! Lindsey turned me on to it. For your Beach Reads, might I also suggest "An Inconvenient Wife" by Megan Chance?