Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stylish Jewelry Storage

I made this jewelry board that now hangs in my guest room. It doubles as art work.

How I did it: Purchased a bulletin board from TJ Maxx that had a nice thick frame. ($20)
  • Found a piece of fabric that I liked from JoAnn Fabrics and purchased enough fabric to cover the board.
  • Unscrewed the back of the frame.
  • Removed the cork board.
  • Placed the fabric around the cork board, pulling the fabric snug on every side.
  • Taped the fabric to the back of the cork board.
  • Placed the covered cork board back inside the frame.
  • Screwed the back of the frame back into place.
  • Used quilting pins to hang my jewelry from.
My guests enjoy this option for displaying & storing their jewelry during their stay at my home. It is nice to feel organized even at another person's home.

Here is another picture of a Jewelry Board.  My mom and I made this one & used cloth napkins instead of traditional fabric. 

I found the following idea on Martha 
So maybe you aren't into statues...think of objects that you already have in your home that would keep your pearls, chains and costume jewelry from tangling! Get creative. Look around your home and try unconventional pieces to display all your pretty things.

It is important to have a functional home, but who says you can't have beauty & function?? Whenever I buy anything for my home, I always try to find something that is pretty as well as useful.


Phil & Kathy said...

Here's the one you helped make for my room. I love /Users/philtroyer/Desktop/Photo 99.jpg

Phil & Kathy said...

I don't think the photo worked. Sorry. I will email you the photo and you could download it if you want. I really love my jewelry board. It's easy to see what I have and I tend to wear more of a variety since I can see/find pieces.

Jennifer said...

i saw the one you made for your mom a few weeks ago and loved it, organized and a decoration piece too -jennifer lee