Monday, July 14, 2008

Polka dots, stripes and cowboys...oh my!

I love designers who can take a few colors and patterns, a small selection of items and create an IMAGE that makes an impression. Polka dots, stripes and cowboys added together in an array of candy-coated colors take on an entirely new look in Cath Kidston's cute boutiques.

Buying umbrellas and "wellies" for rainy London days never seemed so appealing!

For those of you who have ever thought you would have been better suited to live in a different decade, Cath Kidston, the UK designer, appeals to those who miss the traditional roles of the '50s. At her stores you will find adorable ironing board covers in sweet patterns, cowboy printed lampshades, polka dotted coffee mugs, and cotton candy colored stripes on everything from journals to table linens. And if you're looking for a cute apron to wear the next time you're baking muffins, well, look no further. Feminists, don't take it too seriously--it's all in good fun. And it's a bit ironic that now that we don't have to buy ironing board covers, the notion of doing just that doesn't sound so bad!

A US website is currently in development but until then you can check out her UK site at:

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