Saturday, September 20, 2008

The 'ABC's of decorating: Adorn! Beautify! Create!

Letters are used to make a statement--whether combined in written word form, displayed to represent initials or showcased as simple, decorative art.

The following creative ways to use letters as display come from

All are sure to make a unique statement in your home!
S-O C-U-T-E!

'You can find a plethora of paper styles to inspire you—at budget-happy prices—at a scrapbooking store. Start with a background paper with a subtle pattern, then layer different smaller pieces of art paper, gluing them down when the look pleases you. Once you’ve assembled your collage, top it with a painted letter. Or, cut the letter from dark cardstock and adhere, using spray adhesive for a smooth finish. Then frame and hang for instant artwork. '

'Find a favorite font in the font library on your home computer or look to an old type book. Print out your number or letter on typing paper and take it to your local paint-your-own pottery studio. (Look in the Yellow Pages under “ceramics” or “pottery” to find one near you.) Transfer your design by turning the paper right-side down and outlining the graphic with a charcoal pencil. Tape the paper to your piece, charcoal side down, and gently rub. The pros at the shop will show you how to ink and fire your design. '

'The secret here is using a crisp, plain woven fabric, such as taffeta. (Fabrics with more texture and slubs, such as a duppioni silk, will look sloppy.) Trace a favorite word on the pillow, then use textile paint and fine sable brushes, which allow for more control through hairlines.'

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