Monday, September 15, 2008

For the more sensitive man...

So, maybe your man is the stereotypical 'macho' man who fights your attempts to help him explore his more sensitive side...or maybe he has already explored his sensitive side and is completely comfortable with it!

Some (heterosexual) men actually enjoy "girlie" things more than we do! And that's great. I believe a man can still be a manly man even if he participates in so-called feminine activities like getting pedicures, shopping for clothes, baking or watching HGTV. It is the age of the 'metro sexual' male after all so we should be open to that!

We don't need to try to change our men into male versions of ourselves. It is not cool to force these things on him-- but if your man is naturally more sensitive or interested in getting involved with things that we like, we should encourage him to be comfortable with that.

Sweet can definitely be sexy.

Here are some... ahem, more feminine (note I did not say "girlie") things that may appeal to the softer side of your man:

For the man who likes organizing...and cuff links

Red Envelope cuff link display case; $129.99

For the man who loves entertaining in style (a.k.a. not using red plastic cups)

Cubist cocktail set from Red Envelope; $59.95

For the man who loves to accessorize

stainless steel and wood bracelet (left) from Red Envelope; $129.95

For the man who plans romantic excursions

picnic backpack from Red Envelope; $69.95

For the man who believes diaper duty is a shared responsibility

Diaper dude bag from Red Envelope; $59.95

For the groom who likes to groom

Dermalogica skin kit for men; $30.00

Dovo 5 piece nail set for men; $88.00

The 'Man-groomer' for back hair, etc.; $39.95

Jack Black jet set traveller kit; $32.00

For the man who is a proud dad with a fashion sense

Matching tees at ; $60

For the man who desperately wants to understand you...

'Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes' book available at;$14.00


Bob and LouAnne said...

I love Red Envelope! Keep on blogging, Glam Girls.

Denise said...

I purchase quite a few things from Red Envelope for my boyfriend - he loves the stuff and it is great quality.