Wednesday, September 10, 2008

SmartMom Jewelry

My brother, who is secretly dying to be a writer on this blog (hee hee), sent me a link with this jewelry.   

My 1 year old is always trying to chew on my jewelry.  I am constantly pulling it out of her mouth & giving her one of HER toys to play with.  She still keeps coming back to MY jewelry.  

Thanks to my brother, a solution has been found for my daughter & me!  

This jewelry line, Teething Bling™, is made of material that is non-toxic, latex-free, food–safe, even dishwasher-friendly! It is the same silicone used in many other popular teething products.

Even a percentage of the sales go to worthy causes:

This donut shaped pendant is less than $20 and can be ordered in 9 different colors.  Go to to order one for yourself or someone special.  


Phil and Kathy Troyer said...

Finally --- and when I am beyond child-bearing years and don't have to be concerned about it anymore. :) Great idea - why didn't we think of it?

Abby said...

So are you saying that my turquoise necklace that Londie loved so much doesn't cut it? :)