Friday, September 12, 2008

Man "Stuff" that a Woman Can Love too!

As much as all of us would love to girlie-fy our homes, it is import in giving our men space to breathe, relax, have fun & enjoy football seasons.

Some women let their men have 1 room in the house: the basement, the attic, the den, the garage or maybe the shed out back.

If this is not an option...if you must control the decor of every room in your home (like me), then here are a few items that your man will love & you might even (secretly) enjoy as well...

Check out this Bulldog Bottle Opener from It is made of cast iron and is made to be mounted on the wall. It is only $12.00!

This is a fun game table that will have you smiling! The Ms. Pacman (and Galaga) Arcade Game from the 1980s can be found at Your husband's friends will think you are the Wife of the Year. Careful though, other wives might get jealous. :) The table costs just under $4,000, but hey, it will definitely be a family heirloom that your kids will be fighting over. (Plus, it is not the size or weight of a pool table!)  
If you get sick of looking at could always cover it with a pretty table cloth and make it double as and end table.  Put a lamp, some books, a frame, becomes another place for you display all your pretty things!  

Another great item from is their Three Piece Game Table Set made of hardwood & leather.  I think it could double as a Scrabble Table for you, your girlfriends & some Martinis!  

And what man isn't dying to have a recliner?  Here is one from Pottery Barn that you can deal with.  It is not your Grandpa's recliner!  Throw a cheetah blanket on the back & you might enjoy watching reruns of Sex in the City while reclining it.  Sshhh...don't tell "him" that you actually like "his" chair.  

These next three recliners are all options from Ballard Designs.  (One of my favorite stores!)  This recliner comes in about 100 different fabrics.  There are so many to choose from--solids, stripes, floral, animal print, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Depending on the fabric, this recliner will run somewhere between $1,100 - $1,400.  

To be a true Glamorous Girl means to let your Man be a MAN!  Don't sissy-fy him.  Don't make him like chick-stuff or force him into doing girlie things...that is why you HAVE GIRLFRIENDS.  :)   Let him do his Fantasy Football thing.  It will give you an excuse to get out of the house & hang out with a girlfriend.  


Jim said...

Hey girlfriends

Just came across your blog post about guys and football... good stuff. I'm the marketing guy at but used to work at ESPN.

I just covered this topic, and think you might like the post I did called: Turn your girlfriend into a football fanatic in 10 easy steps:
Check it out:

Let me know what you think

- Jim

Brianna said...

LOVE it Kel! But I had to come back with more on that subject! You inspired me!

Anonymous said...

wonderful ideas!

i completetly giggled, "a.k.a. not using red plastic cups)"